Site Setup Service

By working closely with our clients from the start of new projects we can help to ensure the waste set up for each site is as efficient and practical as possible.

For projects across London we can help with everything from finding the best locations for skip placements and building a secure waste collection area to creating onsite signage.
heras fencing and barrier boarding
Heras Fencing & Barrier Boarding
Ensure that your site is safe and secure with our range of fencing and barriers.
» Crowd control barriers (W2.5m x H1.2m)
» Barrier boarding (2.25m)
» Heras anti climb panels (W3.5m x H2.0m)
» Water or ballast filled traffic separators (L1m x H60cm x W46cm)
Site Signage
Ensure onsite operatives follow the systems that are in place and let the public and prospective clients see what you’re doing with clear visible site signs. We can work with you to design your own bespoke signage. Ideal for all construction and refurbishment projects across London.
Waste Colour Coding
Protective Sheeting
We supply a range of protection materials and accessories for the construction industry. With its unique properties Correx is now the industry standard for most rigid protection applications, whilst Seekure provides temporary protection to floors, furniture and furnishings.

For more information on our site set up services including fencing, signage and protective sheeting please contact us by phone, fax or email.