Recycling Construction Waste

Recycling Construction Waste

Our approach to recycling has been developed on principles of economic and environmental sustainability. We aim to be innovators in recycling construction and demolition waste and are the first company in London to provide colour coded waste separation tools to maximize recycling efficiency.

We have identified the six key waste streams that arise on construction projects and have found recycling solutions for all of them. We constantly monitor the waste streams we collect and are always searching for new recycling options.

We aim to help our clients avoid sending waste to landfill sites whenever practical and promote waste separation at the point of creation on all of our projects. By using our individual waste stream collection service you can guarantee that the materials removed from your construction site will be recycled.

Please click on the links below for more information on how we recycle the individual waste streams.

» Wood Recycling
» Metal Recycling
» Inert or Aggregate Recycling

» WEEE or Hazardous Waste Recycling
» Cardboard & Paper Recycling

» Plasterboard Recycling

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